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Published: 3 years ago

TVC Q4 2015 Update

Hello everyone!

Glake here, once again bringing you yet another written update detailing the current developments within our recent The Virtual Cavern reboot. Earlier this Summer, we started producing occasional content once again over on the official website. Pieces such as KSMD’s, Author Spotlight, and Musician Spotlight pieces were all featured on the website. While these things have been coming at a bit of a slow pace, I’m happy to say that starting next week, we’ll producing more write-ups much more often, to ensure constant content is currently being pushed out onto the site!

The second thing I’d like to touch on is the return of our Poetry Podcast! Back in 2013, we gave the Poetry Podcast a shot, and while the interest was there, we never really got around to producing frequent episodes like we had originally intended. The Poetry Podcast will be a 2-5minute Podcast, basically covering an aspiring poet, as well as a reading of one of their poems. This gives aspiring poets an additional opportunity to showcase their work, talent, and themselves in general as writers! Since we are once again attempting to gain more interest in this content, expect anywhere from 1-3 episodes released per-week, and as interest grows, anywhere from 4-7 episodes per week, one episode one a given day. For starters, episodes will be released on Tuesdays & Thursdays beginning this week! We are very excited to start doing this again, so please be sure to share the news with any fellow poets, and or writers.


Lastly, I’d like to touch on some of the upcoming content that we are working on for the rest of 2015.

Firstly, I’d like to say that I am working on producing more music related articles! We will begin to focus a lot more heavily on indie bands/smaller independents bands and their recent releases. We’ll be focusing on releasing smaller, yet more frequent reviews for recent releases for featured indie bands.

Secondly, photography based projects and content will be a much more heavily focused feature on the site as we move forward. We are working on providing you all with a sort of weekly photo collage, featuring photos from aspiring photographers, following a specific, different theme each and every week! I am personally very excited about this one, as photography has been one of my personal new and aspiring endeavors, so I am definitely very stoked to see the talent of other fellow photographers from around the world!

Lastly, I’m sure you all remember the TVC Live Show that took place in 2012 & 2013. While we are still awaiting for the perfect time to bring the Live Show back, we personally feel like starting out small, and working our way up to the return of the live show, would be a much better method/way to go about things. With that said, I’m excited to say, that we will soon be kicking off TVC Weekly Videos as apart of our YouTube channel! In these videos we will basically spend time discussing any recent announcements in regards to The Virtual Cavern, as well as covering some of the most recent and prominent content we’ve uploaded on the site throughout the week, a sort of weekly wrap-up video, if you will. While an exact date has not been set yet for this series to kick off, expect the first episode to premier not to long after we begin to get rolling with all of the previously mentioned upcoming content from above.


I’m very excited to continue trucking away at the re-boot development of this project, and am looking forward to share with you all the upcoming content TVC has in store! Until next time, have an amazing day/night everyone!


- Glake

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