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Published: 2 years ago

Welcome to The Virtual Cavern 2016

Greetings everyone!

It’s Glake once again from TheVirtualCavern.com, and after a long awaited period, I’m finally thrilled to welcome in our brand new TVC season, The Virtual Cavern 2016!

If you’ve been on the official website ever since the start of 2016, you probably have noticed that the site has now been updated to match our new 2016 season! The site is still in need of some polishing, but hey, step-by-step right?!

Inside the last update I published here on the official Blog last year shared some details regarding upcoming content that I am soon planning to kick off as apart of TheVirtualCavern.com. Today however, I’m happy to go more in depth about some of that upcoming content, as well as plans and moves in general that are set to go in motion for TVC during the first half of this year.

So without further ado, let’s jump into some of the upcoming changes, new content, and plans for the first half of 2016!


Indie Artists & Music

As discussed back in 2015, we are more than interested in promoting Indie Artists & Music, both covering and reviewing new indie releases, mixes, artists, and more. As many of you probably have seen, last year we also had an interview with Falling UP’s own, Jessy Ribordy,¬†and we would love to provide you all with more interviews like this.

With that said, beginning next week over on TheVirtualCavern.com we will begin a brand new weekly series of articles dedicated to those Indie musical artists out there!

The first new article series will be centered around a specific indie band or Artists each and every week! These articles will feature a brief review of either their most recent releases or album, some history about the band/artist, our thoughts on their sound, and most importantly, where you can find their music and support them.

The second new article series will be focused on providing you all with some of our favorite Indie track picks of the week! The articles will feature anywhere from 5-10 tracks, each from a different artists/band. We’ll provide you all with our personal thoughts on the track, a little background information about the artists/band of the track, and more. You could consider this to be our “Weekly Indie Chart” update!

 Photography LOVE!

We love photography over at TheVirtualCavern, and recognize it as one of the most beautiful and inspirational forms of art! With that said, as the Spring season makes it way in, we will be kicking off a weekly Photography spotlight, which will feature a slew of photographers and there works! In addition to this, we will also be featuring photographers one on one for a daily spotlight of sorts, so you can get a much bigger look into the mind of a photographer and why they enjoy doing what they do, also, more amazing photos! But that’s a given, right? :)

Keep an eye out for out Photography Spotlight Article Series which will be rolling in during the Month of March!


KickStart Me!

As you all know very well, in the past, one of our most consistent content updates were our daily “KickStart Me Daily” articles, which basically featured a certain project over on KickStarter.com that was in need of funding. Since the launch of The Poetry Podcast in the Fall, we’ve began to greatly taper off from producing KickStart Me Daily’s. I am happy to say now, however, that we will be featuring a select few KickStarter Project once again, every week, as apart of our “KickStart Me!” series, which is set to run on the off-weekdays of The Poetry Podcast (Monday’s, Wednesday, and Friday’s). This limits us to 3 projects as week! If you are interested in getting your KickStarter Project featured, be sure to send us an email at TheVirtualCavern@yahoo.com


A Better Look…

Also with making out way into 2016, we’d really like to start things off a bit fresh! With that said, we are avidly looking for certain designs, templates, and configurations to further enhance the official website, as well as to help things look a lot…well..nicer! I am a pretty picky person myself I must admit, so it may be a little while before we fully decide on something we will officially keep around for the entirety of 2016. I will say however, definitely expect some style changes to catch your eyes as the weeks go by! Our website gears will be-ah turnin.

So about that Live show?

The Virtual Cavern Live Show has been something we’ve put on hold for quite sometime. After having a surprisingly good run back during the 2013 Season, we’ve long since put the official TVC show on hold, with the intentions however, to bring it back, much bigger and better when ready. I can say now that plans are already being made to kick off The Live Show once again, however, I am focusing on a few other important factors before going Live once again.

One of the few factors is building up an official TVC team! As of now, The Virtual Cavern is mostly made up of myself, as well as a few other people who help with behind the scenes things every now and then (GFX, Social Media, etc). With that said, building up an official staff in a huge priority before kicking off the Live Show once again.

The second big factor ties more into the quality and production side of the Live Show. Before we kick off the Live Show once again, we will be hard at work at improving the production and the format of the show. Back in 2013 our production was mediocre for the time, however times have changed, and we’d like to adjust a bit before jumping back in the “on air” game!

Farewell for Now ~

With all of this said, it’s definitely quite obvious that we have quite a bit on our hands moving into the first half of 2016! It’s going to be an exciting year for TheVirtualCavern, and I myself, am personally more motivated than ever to work hard, and push towards the growth of the project, as well as getting more of YOU involved :)

A personal goal of mine is to touch base with you all more frequently in regards to what is going on behind the scenes, as well as current plans and what not for the project. As stated in the past, this will all be done so, here on the Blog site. Moving forward, expect a new blog at the very least, once a month. But I will personally be aiming for more of a bi-weekly release of the blog.

Before I make my way out today, careful of the slippery ice outside, I want to thank any of you who have supported TheVirtualCavern over the last few years! Whether it was liking our FB page, or following us on Twitter, or even tuning into our shabby Live Streams, your support is greatly appreciated!

We look forward to seeing more of your faces here in 2016, as well as growing with each and every one of you!


Until next time everyone,

~ Love, Light, & Godspeed



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