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Published: 12 months ago

A Look Into TVC 2017-2018 Season

Sup folks! Glake here!

It’s been a long while since the last time I’ve provided you all with an update. Since I want to keep this one as short and sweet as possible, I don’t want to dwell on previous update from roughly a year ago, since a lot has happened since then. If you have been following TheVirtualCavern at all throughout the past year or so; whether it be via the website, Twitter page, or the Facebook page, odds are you’ve noticed content has been very inconsistent to almost nonexistent during some periods.

Last year I revealed that I would be re-booting The Virtual Cavern, of sorts, and overall clarifying the overall vision of the project and focusing much more on that clear direction – this is still the goal. Prior to the reboot, The Virtual Cavern was more-so a movement that focused solely on promoting the projects that individuals, and youth in particular are working on, and helping them share it with the world. While this is still a major focus for the project, as we begin to make our transition into the 2017-2018 Season our focus will begin to expand much more heavily into all things creativity related as promoting, supporting, and building things that can help promote a more positive/healthy life-style. We will be looking to accomplish this in a variety of ways, one of which is to build partnerships/collaborations with other small-scale/new movements with similar goals.

Street Team 2017?!


As we begin to broaden our horizons going into the 2017 Season, it is important that we begin promoting the movement in a more offline fashion as well, that’s why we’ll be looking to put together our first ever State/Street Team this year here in Minnesota, and quite possibly other States as well! The TVC Street Team will be a core function when it comes to developing offline projects, as well as building relationships with other community based entities that seek to help others but in a more face-to-face fashion. Obviously, we are The Virtual¬†Cavern, which means our main focus will always be promoting, helping, building, and developing projects and much more via the Internet; however building an offline function will make it all the more beneficial in the long run as well as help us cover more ground with our goals. Some of the things in which the Street Team will be doing once put together are; local volunteering, youth creativity-outreach, and developing local events/shows/gatherings aimed at promoting and supporting creative endeavors and so much more!

We’ll be doing a little shameless advertising for the Street Team on local MN ad sites starting next week! So if you live within the great State of Minnesota, keep an eye out on our social media as well for an opportunity to fill out an application :) More information regarding the Street Team 2017 will be shared in August, so stay tuned.

In Closing


The 2017-2018 will ultimately be a pretty big undertaking for both myself, as well as anyone else who decides to become part of the project during this season. Reason being is that a lot of time will be spent kicking off new additions to the movement, and well as setting up the foundation for things that are soon to be. It’s quite exciting! Yet at the same time, extremely nerve-wrecking. My biggest hope is that throughout the duration of the upcoming season, people can see the potential in the project and show their support. Have feedback or constructive criticism? Share it with us on social media, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

It won’t be long till the next Blog update, so keep a close eye out on this sub-page for future updates.

~ This is Glake signing out for now, and I’ll see you all at the end of the tunnel! :)

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