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Published: 3 years ago

A Fresh Slate

Hey everyone!

Long time no talk eh?

It’s Glake here of course, and today I’m writing you guys and gals a much long intended update regarding all these The Virtual Cavern related. All in all, I really hope to shed some light on a lot of things here, as clearly as possible. Mainly focusing on my return to The Virtual Cavern, and where things will be going from hear. Hopefully by the end of this, you will all have a clearer understanding of what TVC is, and where I’m hoping to take things as time goes by.

Back in 2012 I officially launched The Virtual Cavern, as a sort of spin-off project from my blog, TheAdventEntries.com. TVC was meant to be something different from TAE, something much more meaningful and purposeful, which is the reason why I decided to make it, it’s own entity rather than combining the two. I think one very big thing has been quite misconstrued as time went by regarding TVC and that is, what exactly it was. Too put it briefly; TVC is a yearly project which seeks to help promote and support various forms of talent (more particularly from youth) across the world, via the web. These forms of talent include anything from music, to literature, film, you name it. We understand that there are so many talented individuals across the world, especially young people, and though we may not be able to showcase all of that talent, we at least strive to help support the ones that we can. Another general goal of ours is to provide and encourage community enrichment. As an individual, I hope to be able to shed light in some of the darkest corners. We understand that the environment that one dwells in, affects ones character as a whole, good or bad. I hope for TVC to be able to provide services to help better our surrounding communities in any way possible.


These are the basic intentions of The Virtual Cavern. Though this is mainly an online centered project, we hope to encourage individuals to get out and provide these tools to others, whether it’d be friends, family, or even your overall local community. Anything is better than nothing. Now, as long as this project has been going on, our only operations have been towards working to help promote projects and or talents of youth and young adults. There are plenty of articles over on our official website showcasing the works of ones talents, or a group of persons. We will of course, still be focusing on this as we progress into the future, however I also hope to steer things into a direction where we are aggressively focusing on the other goals that I have listed previously.


TVC 2015

I have personally spent, up until now, a large amount of time away from TVC, focusing more on other projects and what have you. It will be a very big undertaking to complete and reach the goals I hope to reach in 2015 with TVC as well as the other projects I am currently working on, however I feel that now, more than ever I am prepared to do this. Beginning next week, content will be popping up on TheVirtualCavern.com showcasing projects, and works for various people and more. I plan to bring back the official live show sometime April this year, and I will be prepping the new setup and productions for it over the next few weeks into April. We will also be getting a brand new logo, along with official wallpapers to even more, showcase this fresh start to the project.

In the past, I’ve been pretty hesitant towards aggressively recruiting more staff to the project, however this year this will be a big focus as well throughout the year.

Lastly, I’d like to briefly touch on this new page you all are visiting right now. This is the official TVC Blog! All content not focused on project promotion, or anything outside of category over on the official will be posted here. Official TVC developments will be posted here, as well as our own line of content, so definitely stay tuned!

Overall, I’m really excited to begin working on things in the year of 2015, and really hope you guys decide come along on this fresh new journey with me! :) I respond to all messages, questions, inquiries, etc that are sent to either our Facebook, Twitter @VirtualCavern, or my personal TVC email GlakeRiuno@TheVirtualCavern.com so don’t feel hesitant to stay in touch!

Until next time everyone,

~Peace =]

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